Friday, 1 August 2014 - 'Restless Little Bee'

This week I finished a work on paper, entitled 'Restless Little Bee', and I decided to have it framed. The company eFrame had chosen a piece of mine earlier in the year to showcase their frames (framed-art-of-the-week-simon-kirk) so I decided to check out their website

 'Restless Little Bee' - Simon Kirk, 2014

 eFrame 'Framed Art of the Week' May 29th 2014 - 'Holiday', Simon Kirk 2014

 There's an incredible array of frames in varying colours and styles, both in wood and aluminium, to choose from. Eventually I decided on a Natural Light Pine frame with an ice white mount. Total cost including postage and packing was £29.20:

 Checkout and payment was very simple, and trusting (they still accept cheques). The frame arrived promptly within 48 hours, and a text was sent beforehand to inform me when so I could make sure I was home. At first I thought I had ordered the wrong size, but it was just the post safe packaging (the large box will come in very handy for sending my own work in future):

Inside the frame was complete with all fittings and protective film over the pane on both sides. I was ready to frame:

 I'm very happy with the result:

 From deciding to buy the frame to completion, no hassles and a very reasonable cost for a quality product and service. Thoroughly recommended.

Simon Kirk, 01/0814