Tuesday, 13 January 2015

'Santo Coba' - Shipping Oversize Work

'Santo Coba' 60 x 40 inches Simon Kirk 2014

 'Santo Coba' was completed recently, and sold quickly to a buyer overseas. It is from a new larger series of work I have started. The dimensions are 60 x 40 inches, it is on half inch board with a sturdy 2 x 1 inch frame on the back. It weighs close to 20kg.

My immediate problem was to find a courier. Most general couriers only take packages up to 1.5 metres - mine was 1.6 metres. Other couriers I found would only transport packages of this size and weight from business to business. I eventually found ParcelHero -
www.parcelhero.com The process was standard and straightforward, so far so good! (The artwork was collected on time and delivered safely and within the promised timescale. I'll be using ParcelHero again.)

The other problem was safely transporting the work. I decided the only feasible option was to make a custom box. I am sure this was also the most cost effective way too, both in terms of packaging but also insurance. Major couriers do not officially accept artwork for shipping, due to mechanical handling and sorting, 'multiple trans-shipment points' on and off of vehicles etc etc. Anecdotal evidence from artists across the internet suggests to me that making a claim would be extremely difficult, so durable solid packing is to avoid any unnecessary damage. This blog post also serves as some proof the artwork has been packed properly and securely.

This PDF on damages and claims is extremely useful:

This is also a very handy guide: Exporting Your Products - First Learn The Terminology
(These are intended to reduce or remove altogether uncertainties arising from different interpretation of the rules in different countries. As such they are regularly incorporated into sales contract worldwide.)

Remember to clarify who is paying “CIF” before shipping (Cost, Insurance and Freight to Named Port of Destination).
Usually the seller will pay cost, insurance and freight to named port of destination and the buyer pays the import duty to release the parcel into the country (this is a percentage of the afore mentioned CIF expenses).

Check the duty charges here:

 One sheet of hardboard, some more 2 x 1inch wood - total cost of materials less than £20 .
This is the back, it has been glued and pinned. The front will just be pinned.

The inside - the painting will fit in here, with room around the sides for packaging

The corners of the box have been screwed in place for strength

The surface of the painting was layered with sheets of tissue paper, then shrink wrapped to help protect the corners. One layer of bubble wrap should suffice, with extra padding in the corners. 

The box was made a half inch bigger all round the painting, to allow loosefill foam chips to be added to keep the work away from the sides of the box and to keep it secure in transport

The top sheet of hardboard is nailed in place, and secured with heavy duty tape. It is artwork, so I have labelled it fragile, even though it's a hefty solid package!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

ArtBookGuy Michael K. Corbin's 101 artists to watch in 2015

I'm delighted to be one of ArtBookGuy Michael K. Corbin's 101 artists to watch in 2015. Michael is an avid art collector, writer, full-time broadcast journalist, yogi and runner. A New York City native, he writes for various art websites that include www.absolutearts.com and of course www.artbookguy.com

"Simon Kirk is a talented British artist whose work really captures the spirit of everyday people yet it’s also quite sophisticated. I enjoyed his postings on social media for some time before I contacted him for this interview. I’m so glad I did because we had a great chat."

READ THE INTERVIEW HERE: http://artbookguy.com/simon-kirk-folk-sophistication_954.html


2015 marks the 4th anniversary of the Super Hot Artists List. 
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