Saturday, 2 July 2011

Road Trip to Denmark - Sketchbook

Some pages from a sketchbook I had with me when Karen and myself drove to Jægerspris, Denmark at Easter time this year (Karen doing the driving). I pre-prepared the book, it's actually two 7 x 5inch books made into one. Both had sporadic images throughout them, they were ripped out leaving a great surface to draw on. I used one Sharpie pen for the entire journey, it's a solid two days drive (or a ridiculously long one day if you're determined) so the pen eventually ran out, giving a wonderful variation of line and tone. I flicked from one page to the next, jotting text here and there but mostly just mark making, following the rhthym of the car and the road, dividing my attention between the book and the world outside the window.

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