Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Text and Image in My Work

I am fascinated by the combination of text and image – by adding text to my work it introduces the notion of a narrative. However, because the text does not describe the image and the image does not illustrate the text, it creates a tension; undefined scenarios and ambiguous ‘hidden’ narratives.

Much of the text is cut from pages of novels, but rather than following the story I scan through the prose to find poems or phrases by linking words from sentences. In my variation of the cut up technique, I must be able to cut the ‘poem’ I create out in one section – it functions as a collage piece in itself. This is distinct from the cut up technique of cutting out words or strips of words and re-arranging them randomly.

I am using what is on the page but distorting the sense through my editing.

Here are some examples:

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